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Frequently Asked Questions

Does DJAES Have a Formal List of Student Guidelines?

DON JUAN AVILA PRIDE means that “We know what is expected of us” and “We cooperate so everyone can participate.” In an effort to establish consistent, high standards at Don Juan Avila, the following School-Wide Positive Peace Plan has been written to outline appropriate behavior. In addition to these behavior standards, guidelines have been established to ensure a safe environment traveling to and from school, during school, at recess, at lunchtime, whenever using equipment, or playing games at school. It is also the intention of these guidelines to establish peaceful environments within all classrooms to maximize learning opportunities for all students.

What is the traffic plan for dropping off/picking up my child from school?

Student Drop Off

  1. Be extremely cautious and patient.
  2. Follow directions of staff members on duty.
  3. Pull as far forward along the curb as possible before stopping your vehicle.
  4. Allow room for as many vehicles as possible to pull in behind you along the curb.
  5. After stopping, be certain it is safe for your child to exit your vehicle on the passenger side only.
  6. Say your goodbye's before your turn to unload. Traffic will move more quickly for everyone.
  7. Be cautious when driving out of the parking lot and out of the school zone.
  8. Students sit and wait on the playground in their class lines until the bell rings.
  9. Do not drop off your child(ren) before 7:30 a.m.

Student Pick Up

  1. Be extremely cautious and patient.
  2. Follow directions of staff members on duty.
  3. Pull as far forward along the curb as possible before stopping your vehicle.
  4. Allow room for as many vehicles as possible to pull in behind you along the curb.
  5. Do not leave your vehicle unattended.
  6. Students will wait for parents on the sidewalk with a teacher supervisor as vehicles continue to pull forward along the curb.
  7. After stopping, be certain it is safe for your child to enter your vehicle on the passenger side.
  8. Be cautious when driving out of the parking lot and out of the school zone.
  9. All students must be picked up within 20 minutes of their dismissal time.

School Parking Lot Tips:

  •  Be courteous and considerate of others.
  •  Follow the Rules of the Road.”
  •  Allow yourself plenty of extra time to drop off and pick up students.

No elementary school parking lot is designed to handle the number of vehicles that come to campus at the beginning and end of a school day. Your patience and understanding is appreciated. We do everything we can to encourage drivers to follow the rules and maximize the flow of traffic. We know your time is precious. Even more than that, we know that the safety of every single student is our primary responsibility.

DO NOT drive or park in the Bus Lane

  • DO NOT stop short. Do pull as far forward as possible so that as many vehicles as possible can pull in behind you along the curb.
  • DO NOT leave your vehicle unattended. It is a surefire way to snarl traffic in the parking lot.
  • DO NOT pull into parking stalls to drop-off your child. No children are to cross the parking lot.

The Big Picture:
Children are always to walk on the sidewalks and never need to step onto the blacktop driveway or parking lot. Student safety is our first priority.

Releasing Children to Adults:
Parents must sign out their child and show identification in the office when removing students from school early. Children will only be released to those individuals listed on the emergency card. If special pick up arrangements are made with persons not listed on the card, please send a note to the office. Any pertinent custody information should be brought to the attention of the teacher and principal immediately.

How do I buy school lunches for my child?

CUSD's Food and Nutrition Services department offers choices from a variety of healthy meals each school day. Students (K-5) may buy lunch for $2.25.  Buy lunches and access your child's online account

Is there a new policy for volunteering in my child's classroom?

Volunteering at your child's school is a rewarding experience for both you and your child. Furthermore, it is a chance to get to know other students and teachers. If you have the time, please consider this opportunity.

The new VOLUNTEER POLICY is in effect.  Please obtain a Volunteer Application from the CUSD Human Resources website.  All the instructions are there.

DJAES Policy on Cell Phones

Parent Cell Phone Usage
Don Juan is a No cell phone zone. To ensure student safety, we request that parents turn off their cell phones while driving in and around our school parking lot.  We also ask that parents turn off their cell phones upon entering the school office, when volunteering in the classrooms, and anytime on school grounds.

Student Cell Phone Usage
While the district discourages students from even bringing a cell phone to school, it is recognized that some families may want their children to have access to a cell phone while they travel to and from school.  An important reminder that Board Policy 5141.2 states:  Cell phones shall be turned off during the school day except in case of emergency.  The use of camera functions on electronic devices is prohibited at all times on campus.  If the privilege of possessing these devices at school is abused, the principal has the authority to revoke the privilege and prohibit the student from possessing such device on campus.


Can My Child Ride His/Her Bike to School?

  1. Only students in grades three, four and five may ride bicycles to school unless special arrangements are made with the Principal or Assistant Principal.
  2. Helmets are required for all students who ride bikes to and from school, as per state law.
  3. Students must always walk bicycles with both feet on the same side on school grounds and across crosswalks.
  4. Upon arrival at school, bikes should be placed immediately in the bike racks and locked to prevent theft.
  5. The school is not responsible for bikes stolen.

If your child would like to ride his/her bike to school, please sign and return this permission slip to your child’s classroom teacher.

Is there a Dress Code at DJAES?

At Don Juan Avila Elementary School, we are continually concerned with students safety and welfare at school. In keeping with that concern, the District has adopted a set of Student Dress and Grooming Standards.

Student Dress and Grooming Standards:

  • prohibits oversized pants or shorts
    (pants must be manufactured to fit at the waist)
  • pants must not drag on the ground
  • pants crotch must not extend beyond the midway point between the waist and the knees
  • shorts must not extend beyond mid-calf
  • shirts must be no longer than 3 inches above the knee
  • long sleeve on shirts must not extend past the wrist
  • prohibits clothing/apparel which contains language or symbols oriented towards vandalism, violence, sex, drugs, alcohol or tobacco
  • prohibits sexually suggestive clothing that exposes midriffs, tops with spaghetti straps, etc.
  • prohibits hats
  • prohibits chains of any kind hanging from pants or pockets
  • prohibits thongs or backless type shoes
  • prohibits shoes with hidden wheels that convert to skates
  • prohibits earrings that dangle or have a hoop larger that the little finger
  • prohibits writing on clothing or body parts
  • prohibits make up including colored lip gloss
  • No Extreme Hair Styles and Hair Dyes

If students do not follow the guidelines, a change of clothing will be provided by the school or parents. Don Juan Avila Elementary is a safe place for students. With your assistance in making sure that your child adheres to these specific dress guidelines, we are confident that we will continue to provide a safe environment in which your child can learn. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

What if my child needs to take medicine during school time?

Medical treatment is the responsibility of the parent(s) and family physician. Medications, both prescription and over-the-counter should be dispensed at home, rather than at school, whenever possible. The only exceptions involve special or serious problems where it is deemed absolutely necessary by the physician that the medication is given during school hours. In order for any medication (even Tylenol/cough drops, etc) to be dispensed at school, an Administration of Medicine form signed by both the physician and parent, must be on file in the school office. A new Administration of Medicine form is required each school year.

Combination Classes: Why are they neccessary?

Combination classes are formed when there are too many children at a particular grade level.  Unfortunately, students do not always come to us in nice little packages of 20-30 at a time.  For example, if we had 45 fourth graders and 45 fifth graders, we would need to form one fourth grade class of 30, one fifth grade class of 30, and one 4/5 combination class with a 15/15 split for a total of 30 students. 

The Capistrano Unified School District attempts to avoid overcrowded classrooms.  It is a local policy to maintain a reasonable enrollment figure in each elementary classroom.  State legislation limits classroom size in grades K, 1, 2 and 3.  Available funds also affect the number of teachers the District can employ.  These factors inevitably make it necessary to establish combination rooms in order to implement the state law, provide reasonable-size classes, and stay within the District's financial budget.

Frequently Asked Questions